Grinding media is one of a mine’s largest expenses. Poor product hits your budget and slows production. Silver Lake Analytical Services, LLC, helps you manage grinding media quality with affordable, unbiased metallurgical assessment. A small investment in research means you get the product you’re paying for and the results you expect.


ASTM specifications required for most steel products do not apply to grinding media; there are no standards. Can you trust your supplier for unbiased assessment of a product with no standards?

Our proven method analyzes wear resistance in grinding media beyond just Rockwell hardness. We investigate ball composition and manufacturing methods to assess the final microstructure that establishes structural integrity, toughness and wear resistance in grinding mills. Our procedures conform to ASTM and N.I.S.T. standards.


Silver Lake Analytical helps you:

Ensure ongoing media quality
Pre-qualify prospective suppliers
Analyze ball breakage

With the cost of grinding media and its effect on production can you afford not to ensure you get what you pay for?

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Turn to Silver Lake Analytical Services for:

  • Routine testing of grinding media to assure optimal performance
  • Analysis of new media suppliers to shorten the evaluation time and eliminate poor quality suppliers
  • Breakage analysis of media that has failed in the mill

Silver Lake Analytical Services will give you unparalleled analysis for results you can trust.

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