About us

Silver Lake Analytical Services was created to serve the mining industry. We help mining organizations ensure optimal production through evaluation and quality assurance of grinding media. Our goal is to provide unbiased, research-based assessment of grinding media.

We’ve developed custom sampling methods that ensure reliable and accurate research of high carbon alloy steels. We use cutting-edge equipment specially adapted to metallurgical sectioning of grinding media. Our system removes a low rate of metal while simultaneously using a high flow of a special coolant to eliminate alteration of the microstructure.

Allyen Wilson is the owner and lead metallurgist at Silver Lake Analytical Services. While Silver Lake Analytical was founded in 2001 by a former colleague and partner, Allyen took full control of the business in 2012 and has since grown it considerably.

Allyen has more than 15 years of research metallurgical experience. He’s worked in flat-rolled steel and steel rod, but his particular expertise is with grinding media. Having worked on the manufacturing side, he understands what it takes to make a great product.

Allyen Wilson:
Bachelor of Science Metallurgical Engineering, Iowa State University
Master of Science Metallurgical Engineering, Colorado School of Mines
MBA, Rockhurst University - Kansas City
Holds U.S. patent for high carbon wire rod


why choose us?

Turn to Silver Lake Analytical Services for:
Testing of supplier media for quality assurance
Pre-qualification of new media suppliers to reduce trial time and expense
Analysis of media breakage
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