Grinding media is too big an investment to leave to chance. Industry specifications do not exist for grinding media, resulting in great variability. Poor quality grinding media can dramatically affect consumption in the mill, which is costly. You need material that is appropriate to your application and consistent over time; material that delivers low-cost effective wear.

Silver Lake Analytical provides regular audits of supplier material to ensure you get what you pay for. Changes in alloy content, heat treatment, cooling, or other factors are identified, giving you a chance to take corrective action immediately.


Mill trials are costly. Grinding media supply sources are an investment. Costs to change can be a barrier, and yet, the grinding media market is increasingly competitive.

Eliminate poor quality materials or suppliers before a mill trial with metallurgical assessment of prospective new product. Silver Lake Analytical successfully supports your new supplier decisions around the globe. We assess balls from all over the world for mines all over the world.


Grinding media breakage can quickly increase wear rates and operating expenses while lowering production. For example:

In a SAG mill, broken balls become less effective due to gross mass loss and increased wear rate
Safety issues can result from ball breakage; broken ball pieces can become dangerous to operating personnel during normal mill maintenance, increasing incidents and fines
Operational Setbacks – such as grate plugging and pump failures – can occur from abnormal ball breakage

You need unbiased, objective information to respond quickly and responsibly to grinding media breakage. Our experience in breakage analysis covers forged SAG balls, forged/roll-formed steel and high-chrome white cast irons.

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Turn to Silver Lake Analytical Services for:
Testing of supplier media for quality assurance
Pre-qualify new media suppliers to reduce trial time and expense
Analysis of media breakage
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